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Purchasing a property is the basis of investing in the right track. However, purchasing a property alone does not necessarily mean you will  find maximum income. Landlords can raise and maximise the value of their property, therefore gaining a larger profit and increasing their investments capital gain, by undergoing a partial or complete refurbishment of their property.

Refurbishing your property can:

- Increase your resale price

- Increase rent

- More reliable tenants which will allow a trusting leasing relationship


Here at Kensington Letting we provide a service that is capable of refurbishing your property in the best and most profitable way.  With a qualified Architect on our team, Yazen Hasi, and all the right contractors within our contact, we have all the right tools to provide you with a successful outcome.  Yazen graduated with a Diploma in Architecture in the University of East London. He went on to work in a respectable Architecture practice within the essex area for 2 years, which he learnt a lot about the rules and regulations of developments of properties all around the London boroughs and Greater London.  Learning all the right regulations and policies, he has the skills and awareness of not only developing your property for the better but also in the right way covering all policies.

Having not only an Architect within our team but also close contacts with contractors for all types of jobs, Kensington Letting does not just simply assign a project to contractors and Architects, here at Kensington Letting we are the Architects and Contractors. This allows a direct supervision for all our projects and cuts out all middle men and any unnecessary excess, which in turn insures the lowest feasible cost for the owner. With our team having a strong knowledge of the property market and the design stages for property development, we are confident we can achieve the right outcome.

If you would like to see projects we have recently completed please contact us on 0207 341 7747 or email us  and we can send you a selection of properties and all the steps and procedures we go through to ensure a successful completion.