Property Management

Even though acquiring a property is a wise move, its still only the foundation of a successful investment. Property management is the key factor to insure an overall success  to your investment. Alot of Landlords have a lot of doubts after investing in a property, such as:

- How soon can i rent my property?

- How do i get the best rental price?

- How can i be reassured about the tenants moving in?

- Will the rent be paid punctually?

The list goes on and these questions are crucial to how successful your investment return will be. Having years of experience and having a good acknowledgment  of Property management, Kensington Letting offers you this service to relieve you of all these questions and doubts and allows your investment to work for you the way it should.


Kensington Letting can offer you:

- The fastest possible rental for your property, with its vast amount of connections and reputation, Kensington letting is always in demand of potential properties.

- Regular check ups of your property insuring everything is up to scratch.

- Punctual rental collections.

- The right process to ensure you have the best tenant in your property.

- Full maintenance and repair services when needed.

The charges for Property Management in London are 5% of the rental price for the property. This allows the owner to be at ease, not only physically but mentally too, whether in or out of the country, the Landlord can be confident their Property investment is running smoothly.

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